Labs@CCL presents “A Benchmark Study of Digitally-Enabled Assessment & Development Tools”

Thursday, May 7, 2020 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT  
Host: Center for Creative Leadership
By: Jessica Diaz, Adjunct Research Associate, CCL Leadership Analytics and Stephen Young, Ph.D., Manager and Senior Research Scientist, CCL Leadership Analytics

According to Gartner, organizations continue to rank leadership development as a top priority. Leader assessment for development is central to this effort, with over 80% of organizations using some form of leader assessment.

Recently, a new generation of digitally-enabled assessment and development tools have emerged, fueled by advances in big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These new tools (e.g., pulse surveys, virtual coaching tools, wearables) offer greater precision, objectivity, scalability, and personalization. Their hyper-personalized approach to on-the-job development helps leaders become more effective and sustain their change efforts over time by offering clear learning goals, real-time feedback, access to new knowledge, coaching, stress management, and more. But what tools are companies actually using, and what are they expecting to use in the future?

This webinar will share the results of our recent research study investigating these questions and more. We will share which digitally-enabled assessment and development tools organizations currently use and where they plan to invest in the future. We will discuss reported barriers to implementation, including cost, organizational buy-in and privacy concerns. We’ll also highlight real examples of how organizations apply these tools to enable continuous, on-the-job development.


In this webinar, you will discover:

  1. Current organizational trends regarding the use of digitally-enabled assessment & development tools.
  2. Examples of how organizations apply these tools in organizations—and their pros and cons
  3. CCL’s forecast around how these tools will transform the field of leadership development and analytics.
  4. A benchmarking resource to help shape your organization’s own practices.


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Jessica Diaz
Jessica Diaz

Adjunct Research Associate, CCL Leadership Analytics

Jessica Diaz is a scholar-practitioner focused on leader development across a variety of industries and organizations. She is currently completing her doctorate in Organizational Behavior at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) where she researches the effective approaches to leader development and maximizing employee engagement. As Research Manager and Director of Coaching for LeAD Labs at CGU, Jessica oversees the creation and application of evidence-based leadership research.

In addition to her doctoral responsibilities, Jessica works in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership on their Future of Leader Assessment work and serves as a managing partner at BCD Consulting Group, a small public sector selection, development, and promotion firm. Prior to earning her doctorate, Jessica spent over a decade focused on leader development in the education sector, serving in a variety of roles including Managing Director of Leader Development for Teach For America.

Stephen Young, Ph.D.
Stephen Young, Ph.D.

Manager and Senior Research Scientist, CCL Leadership Analytics

Stephen has extensive experience in the areas of leadership assessment and analytics. He has worked with organizations in a variety of industries including Fortune 100 companies and large U.S. government agencies to design, develop and evaluate new ways for leaders to receive feedback on their behaviors and practices using advances in AI and machine learning. As Manager of Leadership Analytics with the Center for Creative Leadership, he has a deep passion for using assessment and analytics to assist in the transformation of individuals, teams, organizations, and societies.

His research in leadership assessment, employee engagement, and performance management has been published in top academic journals such as The Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology and has been mentioned in outlets such as CNBC.com, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Chief Executive Magazine, Chief Learning Officer, and ATD Magazine. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology.


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